Video-Based User Session Recording for Validating Website Leads

by | Sep 10, 2021

It’s a sad fact, but every form of digital marketing is susceptible to some type of fraud. Where it can be especially dangerous and expensive is in the lead acquisition space. 

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer trying to protect yourself from fraud, someone whose business uses online forms to collect customer information, or someone who purchases leads from a third party– you need to protect yourself. 

Additionally, if you’re using any sort of autodialer or SMS marketing, you can get slapped with fines of up to $1,500 per call or text if you’re in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). 

We’re going to show you without a shadow of a doubt why Validiform is a necessary tool for your business’s lead validation process… and how you can use it for a fraction of the cost of its competitors. 

Why Do You Need Validiform?

By using Validiform, you’ll be able to track a user’s experience on your website or landing page. When a customer fills out a web form, it takes a video of the event that we store safely on our servers. 

If the validity of your lead should come into question, you can simply and quickly pull up an actual video replay of that customer filling out the form. 

Video evidence is a powerful tool that will clearly validate your leads, eliminate any doubt, and will help your company dismiss TCPA (or other) lawsuits.

All of the Features You Need

Validiform is being called the new standard in lead validation due to its robust features. We offer all of the features you need for your lead validation process, and we are dedicated to keeping our software secure, dynamic, and cutting edge in an ever-changing industry.

Long Term Storage:  When your proof of consent video is recorded, you can rest assured you’ll be able to access it for a long time to come.

Secure Storage: Your consent video will be housed at our state-of-the-art, secure hosting facility, and we’ll provide a custom-created username and password combinations to you. Your consent will be safe, and accessible to only those you authorize.

Third-Party Verification: If the validity of your leads comes into question at all, our proof will act as a third party that is considered impartial. Our process doesn’t rely on any vendor-reported information and is independently collected.

Video Capture and Replay: You’ll get a crystal-clear screen recording of users interacting with your website. You’ll see what they click, the data they enter, and anything else they do on screen. This is the gold standard when it comes to proof of consent that holds weight.

Simple Set-Up: Validiform is also simple to integrate and begin using quickly– you simply insert a code we generate for you and save it. That’s it! Additionally, our software is designed to be fully compatible with current web technology and was built with web security squarely in mind. s

Our Price Can’t Be Beat

Competitors who are offering similar software of equal quality are charging upwards of $299+ and beyond per month just for access to their lead validation software. 

While some storage and processing fees are to be expected with any lead validation software, many of Validiform’s competitors charge exorbitant lead processing and storage fees that add up very quickly. 

You can increase your profits by cutting your costs, and not lose an ounce of protection. If you’re not using Validiform, you’re paying too much for software that’s essentially doing the exact same thing.

Validiform is the Standard in TCPA Consent

Validiform captures video evidence that contains all of the user’s actions on your page, as well as other crucial details to the session. These details include what the consumer was looking at, what information they put into the form, and when and where the form was filled out. 

Using video evidence, our software eliminates any information gaps that could arise from other forms of proof of consent. Our videos will give the clearest, most irrefutable, and accurate picture of the situation for all sides involved. 

Because of the accuracy and clarity of the video evidence Validiform provides, it is considered by many in the industry the standard in TCPA consent.

Don’t Try to Validate Leads Yourself

Even if you can figure out the technical side of the equation (which is no simple matter), and you can figure out a way to store the data in way you can find it, there is still one major reason you’ll want to avoid validating leads yourself… the legal implications. 

If someone does file a lawsuit against you, it doesn’t look great that your proof is coming from your own in-house sources. Candidly, who’s to say you didn’t doctor the data before presenting it? If your proof comes from an independent source, it’s often considered a much stronger piece of evidence.s

You also want to make sure your evidence is easy to share and can’t be lost, stolen, or deleted. By using Validiform (and not your own solution) you can grant access to anyone who needs it, and your data will be protected. 

Finally, make sure that your evidence of consent can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re not guilty of the accusation. Unless you’ve figured out a way to take a video of the screen (like Validiform does), there are holes in your argument for speculation to occur. Don’t leave gaps that could cost you. If you can’t come up with a video solution, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Lead Validation Services That Work

Don’t risk any other solution. Try Validiform today and immediately upon implementation you’ll have legal protection, fraud protection, and brand protection, all in one turnkey solution. 

For one low monthly price plus nominal record fees, you’ll gain full access to all of Validiform’s features. 

We also provide tutorials for you to easily master the software, and all users gain access to updates and around-the-clock customer support. It’s time you used lead validation services that work.

Get your copy of Validiform today so you can rest easy.