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 Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "Validiform"?

Validiform is an online platform that allows you to store user sessions on your website in the form of a video. Specifically, Validiform activates on your website when it detects information being entered into input fields of webforms.

Why does Validiform matter to you?

If you run a website that collects user information for any reason, Validiform allows you to verify, via video recording, that form was being filled out by a legtimate human, who indicated some form of consent to receiving communications, products, or services from you or your business. Not only does it provide a video recording that you can use as a heatmap to see what real humans did and did not spend time on during their visit to your page, but it also helps you stay legally compliant for any business data you may collect.

Are there other services that do this?

Yes, but Validiform differs in offering permanent access of these records, and offering that access at a far cheaper rate than the leading competitors in the lead certification space. 


So, how does it work?

When you purchase Validiform, we generate a unique code for you to enter into your website. Once that code is in place, you simply log on to our easy-to-use user interface at, and navigate your user session recordings!

What websites need lead certification?

Any website that collects personal information for use in electronic or telecommunication is subject to certain regulations about being able to prove the user gave consent for the website owner to do so. Validiform is designed to be a clearcut protection for fraudulent claims of these violations.

If I have more questions, where do I go?

Validiform is proud to offer a dedicated support staff that can help clarify any information about our product, troubleshoot issues for customers, and do anything else to make your lead certification seamless and simple. If you have questions now, get them answered here.